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~ Christian ~ YA ~ Fantasy ~ Historical ~ Speculative ~

Welcome to the website of Author Jennifer Hartz!

That's right, I'm back! 

After taking a long hiatus from writing (having my daughter, moving 500 miles away, dealing I've jumped back in the saddle. Currently, I'm in the process of editing my latest Christian Historical novel. Stay tuned for details!


As you may know, I had twelve previously published novels. Unfortunately, the publishing company closed. Some of my former works (The Future Savior Series and Hunter's Fury Saga) are currently unavailable for purchase. However, Heroes of the Horde was picked up by another publisher. Click HERE to learn more.


Look around my site to discover more ABOUT me and my writing journey...including my jump into videos. (Scary!) Find out about my past works, stay up-to-date on my current work in progress, and read my wacky blog! You are most welcome here! 

~ Blessings! ~


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