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Beta Readers

Hey all! Today, I've got beta readers on the brain because that's where my current manuscript is... with the beta readers! As you can imagine, I'm anxiously awaiting feedback...

What if they hate the story? What if they hate my writing? What if they hate me for subjecting them to something I've written and now they never want to speak to me again?!?!

Okay... that last one might be a stretch, but seriously, waiting for feedback from someone who's reading your work is nerve-wracking. However, it is part of the process. I want this story to be as good as it can possibly be before I try pitching it to agents. Beta readers will help me get it there.

I made a YouTube video about this topic if you want to check it out... Beta Readers - YouTube

Of course, I'll post updates after I hear back from the beta readers and that might be several weeks from now. I'll try not to go crazy until then!

Until next time, friends!


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