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Free Stuff??? Yes!

Who likes free stuff? --- I sure do!

Who likes books? --- Me!

Who likes free books? --- Me again!

I'd like to give you a free e-version of my novella The Ghost Runner! Simply sign up for my newsletter and it's yours!

Oh... don't fret... I hate being spammed by endless emails. I'm not about to do that to someone else! I'll only send out a newsletter when I have actual NEWS... and even then, it'll be sporadic at best. (I'm lazy when it comes to emailing! LOL!)

Click HERE and sign up under "Free Stuff? Yes!" to get your free e-novella.

Keep reading for more info on The Ghost Runner...

Almost every kid grows up playing with Ghost Runners, imaginary players who run the bases for you when you don't have enough kids to play. Twelve-year-old Chandler Dean is no exception, but nothing could surprise Chandler more than an actual "ghost" joining the game.

Things are not as they seem in this middle grade Christian tale. Past and present fuse as a decade's old mystery comes to light and a heartbreaking tale unfolds.

Chandler sets out on a mission to identify the supposed "ghost" and learns even the greatest tragedy can work out for the good when the TRUE shepherd is involved.

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