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Querying, querying... oh, querying!

Shoot me now! If you've every queried agents before, you'll probably agree with me that querying is the worst.

I've been down this road before. The anxiety-riddled rollercoaster is enough to contemplate that long walk off a short pier. Some people say writing and finishing a novel is the hardest thing to do. I strong appose that theory. For me it's querying.

I know all the things... I know that agents receive dozens if not hundreds of queries every single week. I know they only except a scarce few. I know (often times) if you don't have a huge platform, they won't even look at you. But still I hop into the fray... hoping for a different outcome than the last time I entered this Pit of Despair.

So, yeah, I'm querying again. Prayers that I spark the interest of some agents and prayers that I find the absolute best agent for this project!!! I'd say wish me luck, but I'm leaning on the divine providence of God for this one!

For more on where I am in the process, be sure to check out my most recent YouTube video...


Jennifer Hartz

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