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Heroes of the Horde

In this YA Superhero series, six mismatched highschoolers discover the demonic legend of their school's origin is actually true. Not only have they obtained amazing powers, but they also unleashed the demonic Horde. Now it's up to these freshmen to stop the Horde before its evil spreads throughout the school and beyond. 


Book One


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The demonic Horde will stop at nothing to steal the powers from these six teens. Somehow Mike, Shelly, Cooper, Maggie, Jimmy, and Caitlyn need to work together, while keeping their ever-growing powers a secret, and dealing with loads of teen drama. 

Book Two


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Last year's battle was just the beginning for The Heroes of the Horde. After a brief summer break, the Heroes members are back together, but something feels off. Romantic tension mounts and jealousy flares. Old friendships are on the verge of crumbling and the team hangs on by a thread. 


Book Three


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With one of the Heroes members kidnapped by the demons, the remaining five search aimlessly for a way inside the demon realm. Relationships crumble and morale is weak. A newcomer could potentially tear the group apart, but a one-hundred-year-old mystery might unlock the demon realm. 

Book Four


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The Heroes are divided. One side believes the other is influenced by demons, while the other fears their powers will be stolen. Old grudges ignite and fighting erupts all over the school. Despite eradicating the Horde last year, it seems there's a way for the demons to come back.

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